Monday, February 16, 2015


Let me share to you several classic style staples I don't wanna yellow.
  • White shirt
  • White watch
  • White sneakers
  • White gadgets
  • My teeth
I can't post my teeth here (they're not yet dentures) so instead, I placed my latest discovery for that instant white teeth. Closeup Diamond Attraction.

Yes, it whitens teeth in just one brush!
Nothing screams classic than white, yes?
"Closeup is always looking for ways to innovate and to accentuate every woman's (and man's!)best accessory, her smile," said Closeup Senior Brand Manager Gem Laforteza. "White teeth have become such a beauty staple, so Closeup worked with a team of cosmetic dentists, to create Diamond Attraction, that will give you that much needed and instant lift. It's truly the best in beauty and it's now in the Philippines."

Recommended by one of the country's top cosmetic dentists, Dr. Cecile Infantado, Closeup Diamond Attraction uses the revolutionary Blue Light Technology. "What elevates Closeup Diamond Attraction from other whitening toothpastes in the market is that it utilizes Blue Light Technology through a blue covarine foam that lessens the yellow tones on teeth, making teeth look whiter and brighter, instantly," said Dr. Infantado.
Tagged as one of the 2015 Best in Beauty picks by top celebrity makeup artist Xeng Zulueta, Closeup Diamond Attraction is the perfect addition to anyone's makeup kit, coming in handy whenever you need to get your pearly white teeth, in an instant.
Along with its newest innovation, Closeup also launched its latest ambassador, Heart Evangelista (now Mrs. Escudero), who believes that a smile is unlike any other beauty accessory.

Closeup Diamond Attraction is now available in all leading supermarkets.


Monday, February 9, 2015


We all know which icon I'm talking about here.

Though I'm already aware (I'm sure you've seen his TVC for the brand -beef, beef, beef, beef!), Jollibee beefed up its lineup of brand ambassadors by launching Bamboo as the latest addition to its star-studded roster last January 21, 2015 at Craft Pub and Grill, BGC.

Sharing the same judges' spotlight on The Voice + his singing chemistry with Sarah Geronimo, also a Jollibee brand ambassador, I kinda saw this coming.

I seldom get starstruck but Bamboo's a different case. I literally grew up listening and jamming to his hits like Ulan, 214, Kisapmata, Himala, and the list goes on. I was THIS close to telling him, "I love you, pare!" Good thing a far better opportunity presented itself right before I blurted out those words. I got to sing with him! 2015, made!

Friday, February 6, 2015



That's not what I did in Baler. I can't swim well (I've been told that you really don't need the skill to enjoy surfing... maybe, yes?) and I don't wanna be predictable. So I did several things other than that.

First order of the day: lookbook documentation!

Who would've thought that this was at a gasoline station?
HYPE on Lookbook
Now off to Baler!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


This is lazy dressing (and lazy blogging) at its finest. So I'm just gonna let the title sum up the entirety of this post.

HYPE on Lookbook
Black and white.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


I came across this article several months ago when I was browsing through GQ's September 2014 issue. Prior to reading, I already have in my collection, Paco Rabanne's 'Invictus'. I recently acquired Lacoste L!VE because of what Nikki Glaser (see below) thought of it. "It smells like a guy who trims his ball hair (haha!)." That's a good thing according to GQ. Actually, I've gotten a lot of compliments from using it. It's my when-all-else-fails,-wear-this-cologne cologne. Both scents scored 3 out of 3 with Invictus being Victoria's Secret model Shanina Shaik's favorite. Who would argue with that?
Illustrations by Lauren Tamaki
It's actually good to know women's thoughts of men's colognes rather than reading it from some "expert." After all, they are the very reason why we spray on these scents. Meet the panel.
The Tastemaker
London-based Tank mag is the arbiter of cool for young Britannia. Fashion director Caroline Issa,with impeccable taste, is the reason why.
The Runway Regular
"A scent on a man changes whether or not a woman wants to be approached," says Aussie model Shanina Shaik, who bares (almost) all for Victoria's Secret.
The Wisecracker
All-American-blonde looks paired with viciously funny jokes make comedian Nikki Glaser the woman you can count on to tell you the truth--especially if it hurts.
Other scents featured: Pharrell Williams Girl by Comme Des Garcons (scored 1 out of 3), Masculin Pluriel by Maison Francis Kurkdjian (2 out of 3), Michael Kors for Men (3! Glaser: "It smells like an expensive baby."), and Luna Rossa Extreme by Prada (scored 2 out of 3; Issa: "Like a guy who rolled around in the earth").

Feature lifted from GQ September 2014 issue. Full article HERE.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


It's a fresh start for one of the countries leading lifestyle brand, Boardwalk (the newest member of the Superbrands Ltd community), as it launched its latest collections for 2015 last January 13 at Luxent Hotel, Timog.

Let's get to know more of the collections and the brand's latest additions to its roster of fresh-faced stars!

Friday, January 23, 2015


I really don't believe in luck.

Okay, after "luckily" winning in a series of events the past days and being able to sing with my idol (Bamboo!), I'm taking back my first statement. But let me add that the kind of luck that actually works is the kind that you work hard for. And I'd like to believe that I've been working hard (really) to get my "lucky" winnings. Well, that, plus a healthy dose of positive thinking. Believe me, it works.

So, it's been a while seen I last posted a decent blog entry. And by decent, I mean the usual blog works --photos, stories (both personal), and the like. I was reminded by a friend that I've been putting too much effort on Instagram more than my blog and I realized that hey, I'm a blogger and not just an Instagramer.
But you can still follow me on Instagram if you want to. It's @paultheprguy. Thanks!
Now, I'm back! Spreading luck like a leprechaun in my polka dotted shoes and shirt.

This is a photo-heavy entry so please, indulge me. It's my first personal blog entry for 2015, after all!